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Colorado Springs Offers A Wide Variety ff Places To Live

There are many places that someone can choose to live in. There are nice places all over Colorado. Let’s focus on some of the best places to live in the Colorado Springs area.

Broadmoor Ridge

Broadmoor Ridge is located in Colorado Springs. It’s an apartment complex that offers a wide variety of floor plans. Monthly rentals can range from $1,273.00 to $2,229.00. The apartments that are located here offer wonderful views. The staff is said to be respectful, helpful, and nice. Apartment sizes range from a 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment to apartments that have three bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms.

Cheyenne Meadows

Cheyenne Meadows is nestled in the Southwest part of Colorado Springs. It is often seen as an ideal location because it’s very close to the heart of Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs’ center, which is just a few miles away, offers museums, restaurants, shops, and many other things. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is there. So are the Helen Hunt Falls. It has many trails for hiking and biking.

Village Seven

Village Seven is an apartment complex in El Paso County. You can pay between $800.00 a month and $2,500.00 a month for rent. The lower price is for a one-bedroom apartment. The higher price is for apartments that have four bedrooms. These apartments offer comfort and a design that will appeal to many customers. Shopping centers such as “Carefree Village” are nearby. Colorado Springs Airport is close. So are several parks. This area offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.


The Lewis-Palmer School District D38 is located in what is called the Tri-Lakes area of El Paso County in Colorado Springs. It offers two high schools, five elementary schools, and a middle school. The district has won the “John Irwin School Of Excellence” award several times. Prices for homes located within this district range from $425,000.00 to $680,000.00.

Manitou School District

The Manitou School District is the main school district for Manitou Springs and the communities that are near it. It offers the highest rate of graduation in the area of Pike’s Peak. They also offer a “1-on-1 iPad Initiative” for grades 5 through 12.

Monument View

Monument View is an apartment complex that is situated in Monument, Colorado. They offer many floor plan options. They offer apartments that have a wide variety of features and amenities. They have smoke-free options. They have on-site parking. They also offer storage units for rent. For shopping, the area offers the Safeway Center and Monument Plaza. The “Black Forest Regional Park” is nearby. The “Palmer Lake Regional Recreation Area” is also in close proximity.

The city of Monument is close to two of the biggest cities in Colorado. It’s a great choice for families because crime is low and the city offers good schools.


Stratmoor is located on the South side of Colorado Springs. It’s a great location because it’s close to everything that the city has to offer. Pike’s Peak Community College is in the middle of this community.

Homes in this area range from 1,000 square feet to 2,500 square feet in size. The homes that are located here have a wide variety of styles and designs. Prices range from $230,000.00 to over $400,000.00.

Security Widefield

Security Widefield encompasses the communities of Security and Widefield in El Paso County. It is served by the Widefield School District.

It’s also close to the city of Fountain, Colorado. It offers the feel of a small town while also offering the conveniences of nearby cities. It has a library, shopping centers, and several wonderful parks.

Ute Valley Park

Ute Valley Park is a place that people like to head to when they want to hike, do some mountain biking, or walk the dog. Ute Valley Park has a Wetlands area. It also has trails that are ideal for beginners. Expert hikers can also find ideal trails in this park.

Broadmoor Park

Broadmoor Park offers fantastic views of Cheyenne Mountain. It also has good shopping, good restaurants, and good medical services.

Cheyenne Creek

Cheyenne Creek is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The wandering creek that its name comes from is in the Southwest part of Colorado Springs. Cheyenne Creek offers such things as a heated indoor pool, a hot tub, a clubhouse, a fitness center, and more. Every apartment has both a fireplace and its own balcony. It’s a four-story complex that has 98 units.

Colorado College is nearby. There is also a zoo nearby. The area also has several parks.

Broadmoor Hills

Broadmoor Hills has 2,289 residents in a neighborhood that is rated as being quite walkable. It offers a wide range of restaurants and coffee shops.

Broadmoor Bluffs

Broadmoor Bluffs is in the foothills of the Rockies. It’s near Cheyenne Mountain. It boasts great views of Pike’s Peak.

It offers three parks that have a wide variety of trails and wildlife.


Rockrimmon is on the Northwest side of Colorado Springs. It’s close to Ute Valley National Park. It also offers cliffs and bluffs that are unique. When you’re in this area, you’re close to both the Rocky Mountains and city life as well.

Monument Park

Monument Park is near Pike’s Peak and the Rocky Mountains. It’s also close to Colorado Springs. It features several natural monuments.

Old North End

Old North End is on the Northern end of Colorado Springs. It one of the nicest neighborhoods in Colorado. It has a history that dates back to the 1800s.

Monument Hill

Monument Hill is a mountain pass that is on the Palmer Divide. It’s located between Denver and Colorado Springs.

Kissing Camels

Kissing Camels is a luxury neighborhood in Colorado Springs. It’s heart is the golf course that it was developed around. It also overlooks the “Garden Of The Gods Park.” It offers wonderful views. It has two gated entrances that are guarded around-the-clock.

Skyway Park

Skyway Park is situated on Colorado Springs’ Southwest side. It’s close to Cheyenne Mountain. It offers a wide variety of parks and trails. It also boasts breathtaking views.

Stetson Hills

Stetson Hills is one of the biggest neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. It on the East side of the city. It offers more parks than any other part of Colorado Springs. It has marvelous views of Pike’s Peak. There is plenty of good shopping in that area as well.

Patty Jewett

The centerpiece of Patty Jewett is the golf course that bears the same name. W.K. Jewett, her husband, named the golf course after her. It’s a charming neighborhood that is full of history.

Mesa Ridge

Mesa Ridge is in Fountain, Colorado. It’s affordable. It’s also close to the military bases that are in the area of Colorado Springs. That makes is popular with the families of military members.

Falcon School District

The Falcon School District is near Pike’s Peak. It’s on the Eastern side of Colorado Springs. It has a lot of top-ranked public schools. In fact, it’s the district that has the biggest concentration of such schools in Colorado. It is ranked in the top half of public school districts in Colorado.

Widefield School District

The Widefield School District is in the Western park of El Paso County. King Elementary School was given the “Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award.”

School District 49

School District 49 is the fastest-growing school district in Colorado. It’s located in the Northeastern part of Colorado Springs.


The Lewis Palmer district is in El Paso County. It serves 6,500 students. It has acclaimed programs in the fields of art, music, and sports. It has been placed on the “College Board Advanced Placement Honor Roll” a total of four different times.

School District D11

School District D11 offers a superb education for each of its students. It has 55 schools. It also offers free preschool and free kindergarten.

Orgametrics has given this district its “First Annual Alignment Award.” They have used Orgametrics to improve the schools in the district.

Country Club of Colorado

The Country Club of Colorado is located in the Cheyenne Mountain Resort. It’s also at the base of the Rocky Mountains. It offers a wide variety of recreational facilities. In addition, they offer leisure activities as well as youth programs. They have an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Cheyenne Mountain Resort

The Cheyenne Mountain Resort is in Colorado Springs. It has the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. They offer 100,000 square feet of space for both outdoor and indoor events. They have three restaurants. They have a total of sixteen tennis courts. There’s a spa there as well. They also have 5 swimming pools. It has been rated by AAA as a “Four Diamond Resort.”

Bi-Level Housing is located in many parts of Colorado Springs, including Widefield. A bi-level home offers two floors to live in.

Fourplex apartments are available for rent all over Colorado Springs. Fourplex apartments are available in such areas as Red Canon Place, Thimbleberry Point, and elsewhere.

Split level living is also widely available. Split level homes are located in such areas as Painted Rock Drive, Scorpio Circle, Steamboat Springs, and other places.

A single family home can be had throughout the Colorado Springs area. Fort Carson is one such area. A single family home is often thought of as a standard type of house.

Colorado Springs is a community that is ideal for people who love being outdoors. It offers countless hiking trails. There is plenty of camping and fishing. It also offers superb schooling.

The Broadmoor is one of the five great neighborhoods of Colorado Springs.

Broadmoor Bluffs has big homes that are located on large lots. It offers lots of wildlife.

The Old North End offer history. It has many homes that are listed on the National Register.

These are some of the many wonderful areas of Colorado Springs. It’s a great place to enjoy the outdoors while living in an area that has all the amenities a large city can offer.